My WTF Appointment – 25 Possible Questions To Ask Your Doctor After A Failed Fertility Treatment

WTF Appointment

In the Infertility World a “WTF Appointment” refers to the follow-up appointment after a failed fertility treatment to discuss “WTF” went wrong. Personally, I think it fits perfectly because that’s exactly how I felt after my 2 cancelled IVF Cycles! WTF Dude????!!! Unfortunately, mine is plural. I’ve had 2 WTF Appointments. Before I get into what happened during my appointments and possible questions to ask your RE, let me tell you a bit about “WTF” happened with my IVF cycles that they both were cancelled.

My first IVF was cancelled because I ovulated the day of Egg Retrieval so they converted it to an IUI which lowers my chances to 10%! So I paid a ton of money for an IUI! Boo!

The most frustrating part was that I even tried to tell them I thought I was ovulating the day before, but was told that my symptoms I was having were caused by the IVF Stim Drugs.

I’m 39 years old and have been TTC for 3 years so I think I am pretty in tune with my body and know when I’m going to ovulate! I can NOT explain to you the frustration I felt when this happened.

Although I was frustrated, I love my Doctor and the nurses tremendously and trust them 100%! Unfortunately, I know my body likes to do it’s own thing and doesn’t respond to damn meds like many women do. Luckily, I did get pregnant, but it was very short lived as I had a chemical. Ugh!

The 2nd time, I just didn’t respond to the Stim meds. Yep, 10 days of injections and I only had 2 mature follies that shrunk a day before my Egg Retrieval! Apparently my ovaries didn’t get the memo to wake the F* up! Again, here’s another example of my body being stubborn and trying to make a statement that it’s doing it’s own thing. I get the hint!

Before I get into the questions I asked during my WTF appointment, I learned that you shouldn’t have any expectations on how the appointment should go. I was expecting my RE to go over details of my cancelled cycle and instead the first thing she said is “What questions do you have for me?” So have a list of questions.

Remember everyone’s list will be different depending on their diagnosis/protocol.

Hopefully, you will never have to experience this nonsense appointment, but if you do, here are some of the questions I asked and some additional questions that I didn’t ask that you may want to consider if they apply to you.

  1. Ummm……Why did my cycle fail?
  2. What can we do different in the next cycle to help achieve success?
  3. Should we increase my dose or change my meds?
  4. How long will my protocol be next time?
  5. Are there additional blood tests that you can do to help monitor me better?
  6. Are there any additional supplements I can take to improve my egg quality or ovarian reserve?
  7. Do you think BCP (birth control pills) caused me to be over suppressed because of my DOR (Diminished Ovarian Reserve) and would I be able to go without BCP next time?
  8. Would you recommend estrogen priming? If so, what is the difference between BCP and Estrogen Priming?
  9. How do you think I responded compared to other women my age with a similar diagnosis?
  10. What usually causes a chemical pregnancy?
  11. Is there anything I can do to avoid having another chemical or miscarriage?
  12. Is there any additional blood tests/procedures I can do to see why I keep miscarrying?
  13. When can I start my next cycle and what is the estimated Egg Retrieval and Transfer date?
  14. Do you recommend Embryo banking for women with DOR? If so, how many cycles do you think it will take for me to get enough embryos to test with PGS (genetic testing of the embryo)?
  15. What do you think caused my eggs not to fertilize?
  16. Do you recommend we do ICSI?
  17. Is there anything we can do to help implantation next time?
  18. How did the quality of my embryos look?
  19. How do you grade the embryos?
  20. Have you seen success with lower grade embryos? If so, do you have any data on the success rates of the lower quality embryos?
  21. Is there anything my husband can do to help his sperm quality/quantity?
  22. Do you recommend PGS next time? If so, what is the process, how long does it take and how many embryos can I expect to come back abnormal at my age?
  23. Are there any support groups for women with infertility in my area?
  24. How different will my protocol be for an FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer)?
  25. What are the chances for success with my next cycle?

I’m sure there are many more that can be added to this list. Remember every one of us will have a different list. So make sure to cater it to your specific needs.

What ever your questions may be, write them down. I found that I got emotional at both my appointments and was lucky I had a list to refer back to. Trust me, your WTF Appointment will go much smoother if you have this in hand.

Dealing with a failed or cancelled Infertility cycle is extremely devastating and can cause a lot of mental anguish. I know it did for me. Most RE’s work with Counselors that are specialized in Infertility/Loss and can help you work through some of the struggles you are dealing with. I went to one after my 2nd cancelled IVF and 5th loss and found it very helpful.

When you put your everything into something that you ache for so much and it fails, it can be very hard to be optimistic. Just remember to always try to be strong and persevere. Continue to hope for the dreams in your heart! Like I’ve said in another post, Difficult Roads Often Lead To Beautiful Destinations!

Love and Baby Dust,

Alla xo

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