Chocolate Avocado Fertility Smoothie

I’m so excited to share this yummy smoothie recipe! It is not only packed with vitamins and nutrients, but has loads of folic acid and monounsaturated fat. A recent study shows that this good fat that is in avocados is extremely helpful during fertility and in fact triples the chances of IVF success. The Researchers believe that the this monounsaturated fat not only helps the heart, but also helps increase the chance of fertility by lowering inflammation in the body. So it is great for your health, gets rid of inflammation and is good for my fertility! Sign me up! I already love the taste of avocados, but the added dark chocolate cocoa powder makes it a healthy treat! It is perfect for anytime of the day. I love mine in the morning as chocolate is known to improve your mood! Here are some other reasons why this delicious smoothie is good for fertility.

Avocado – This beautiful dark greenish brown fruit is full of good fats, fiber, and nutrients such as potassium and vitamins B6 and C. As mentioned above, this fruit is proven to help aid in your fertility because the monounsaturated fat increases your chance of getting pregnant because it lowers inflammation in your body. Monounsaturated fat also helps regulate your endocrine system which regulate hormones and are all important in reproduction. Additionally, avocados are also loaded with Folic Acid which is an essential for women TTC (trying to conceive) or pregnant. Folic Acid will help protect neural tube birth defects!

Banana – This yummy fruit is loaded with potassium and B6. B6 helps regulate your hormones which is a crucial when you’re trying to conceive. Not enough B6 can lead to irregular periods and poor egg and sperm quality. A yummy and easy snack to grab for both you and your man!

Kale – This leafy green is high in Folate. It contains Iron and Calcium which help with follicular development. Additionally, it contains a lot of fiber, vitamins (A, C and K) and are great inflammatory benefits.

Coconut Water – This is an amazing way to keep yourself hydrated. It is full of potassium and electrolytes which come in handy when you are bloated from fertility drugs. Plus, it tastes great!

Almonds – This yummy nut is high in monounsaturated fat, zinc and L-arginine which are one of the most important reproductive nutrients. Zinc is necessary nutrient to produce mature eggs and helps maintain follicular fluid. It also helps hormone regulations like estrogen, progesterone and testosterone throughout the entire menstrual cycle. L-Arginine helps increase blood circulation to the uterus and ovaries allowing optimum egg production. It also improves cervical mucous. Studies have shown that L-Arginine has also helped increase sperm production, quality and motility.

Dark Chocolate Cocoa Powder -Dark Chocolate contains antioxidants and flavonoids which help your body fight off cell-damaging free radicals. It also increase blood in your reproductive organs such as your uterus and ovaries. Dark chocolate also contains L-arginine and helps increase your mood.


  • 1 Acocado
  • Handful Kale
  • 7-10 Almonds
  • 1 Banana
  • 1-2 tablespoons of Dark Chocolate Cocoa Powder
  • Coconut Water to fill line
  • 1/2-1 piece of dark chocolate shaved (optional topping)


Love and Baby Dust,

Alla xoxo

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