Two Years And Counting

I watched the sunrise at the beach this morning. Two years ago today marks the anniversary of my BFP (big fat positive – pregnancy test) from my 1st miscarriage. Since then, I have had 4 more losses. Never in a lifetime did I think I would be fighting this uphill battle. Today, I shed a few tears, but also celebrated my strength, my courage, my perseverance and my blessings that keep me going everyday. This journey through #infertility and #miscarriage has changed me. “Push me down and I will get back up. I may be a little beat up at first, but I will persevere because I’m a warrior!” I pray that this storm will soon be over soon and I get my #rainbowbaby I’ve been praying for. #infertilitysucks #strength

Love and Baby Dust,
Alla xoxo

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