About Me

Vali day 2014

Hello! My name is Alla I’m 39 years old. Welcome to my blog! My hubby (Jesse) and I live in beautiful South Florida and and we have one beautiful 7 year old biological son and fur baby. Our Infertility Journey for baby number 2 started 3 years ago and has been an uphill battle from day one. In the past three years, I have had 5 consecutive miscarriages, 2 cancelled IVF’s, 1 failed IUI, tons of acupuncture, supplements, thousands of pregnancy tests and ovulation predictor kits, thousands of $$$$$ spent and way too many tears and heartache. I’m 1% of women and am beating the odds in all the wrong ways. And if you are here, you too probably have had RPL (Recurrent Pregnancy Loss) and/or struggling with Infertility. Read My Story In A Big Nutshell to get the long and skinny of my journey. I decided to start writing this blog for my own personal reasons, but hope that I can help at least one person along the way. You are not alone in this difficult Journey.

Love and Baby Dust,

Alla xo