My list of NEVER!


In my 39 years, I have lived and learned. Sometimes the hard way.

Here is my list of “NEVERS.”

  1. Never go to bed angry. Stay up and fight.
  2. Never cut onions with eye makeup on.
  3. Never take a bite of ANYTHING right after it got out of the oven or stove. No matter how hungry you are.
  4. Never ride a bike in flip flops.
  5. Never go to the grocery store hungry.
  6. Never stay on hold when calling a customer care when they say “they are experiencing extremely long hold times.”
  7. Never go to the bathroom without checking that there is toilet paper.
  8. Never keep your phone on in a conference.
  9. Never make promises you can’t keep.
  10. Never drink a liter of water before you go on a run.
  11. Never be someone you’re not.
  12. Never say anything you don’t mean.
  13. Never drink alcohol on an empty stomach.
  14. Never take supplements or vitamins on an empty stomach.
  15. Never drink coffee after 2pm.
  16. Never wash your car or bathe your dog when it’s cold outside.
  17. Never sleep in your contacts.
  18. Never carry on more then you can carry on an airplane.
  19. Never multi-task while cooking.
  20. Never FaceTime someone in the dark.
  21. Never watch water boil.
  22. Never let anyone make you feel like they are better then you. Vice Versa.
  23. Never hide from your problems or fears.
  24. Never try to break up a dog fight.
  25. Never buy anything that you can’t afford.
  26. Never run with scissors.
  27. Never blame someone for your actions.
  28. Never check the mail before 10am.
  29. Never wait until the last minute to buy a present.
  30. Never seek for someones approval.
  31. Never forget to wash your face at night.
  32. Never forget to put on sunscreen.
  33. Never judge a book by it’s cover.
  34. Never feel defeated.
  35. Never sweat the small stuff.
  36. Never talk bad about your child(ren)! They are perfect!
  37. Never neglect your present joys you have in life.
  38. NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!
  39. Never say Never.

never give up