In Due Time

This year during the holidays (2015), my hubby Jesse, son Addison (Adi) and I took a trip to visit all the in-laws in San Fran. We stayed there a little over 2 weeks. What a trip was. Of course, we had all the normal holiday stuff all families celebrate, but there were was one particular event that brought me to tears. Well two. My nieces Bat Mitvah and the birth of my new nephew. ┬áThese were happy tears for the most part. On Dec 30 2015, I was extremely fortunate to meet my sister in-law’s new baby boy. It was literally the day before we were suppose to leave and the day before my birthday. We had to change our flight to meet him, but after $650 and a lot of finagling with the airlines, we changed our flight successfully and got to meet our new baby nephew. Continue reading “In Due Time”