My Infertility Timeline

infertility timeline


  • Beginning of year I found a lump in my breast had a mammogram and a biopsy and Thank G-d everything was benign.
  • The doctor told me to decrease my caffeine intake.


  • Hubby proposed in Las Vegas at a Van Morrison concert while he was singing our song “Moondance.”

bling ring 2 engagement+1

Fall 2007

  • Wedding Bells – We got married!!!! 
  • We then took a gorgeous European honeymoon in Europe for 3 weeks! Best vacation ever!!!

wedding 1 wedding 2

November 2007

  • Got off BCP (Birth Control Pill) 

Late December 2007

  • We started TTC number 1.

Mid January 2008

  • I got a BFP (Big Fat Positive – Pregnancy Test).
  • Outside of the 1st trimester nausea and sickness I had an amazing pregnancy.
  • Late fall, our sweet baby boy was born at 7.5 lbs. Best day of my life so far besides my wedding and engagement.

Addison just born 100608 (2)IMG_0561

September 2009

  • Our son was taken in for a sick visit at 3 months old and at the end of the appointment the Doctor started examining his head. He was later diagnosed with Metopic Craniosynostosis or Trigonocephaly. This is a condition where the soft spot closes and sutures in the skull close prematurely causing the head to look misshapen. His particularly affected the Metopic region which is located in the middle of the forehead causing him to have a triangular shaped head when looking from a birds eye. Thank G-d his was mild and at the time purely cosmetic and didn’t effect his brain or development.
  • We still opted for craniotomy (surgery) to ensure everything was corrected.
  • Jesse and I were a nervous mess during this time up until the surgery as there were many risks.This was a very difficult time in our lives.
  • He had surgery at 9 months old and Thank G-d everything went well besides he needed 2 blood transfusions. He was extremely resilient and bounced back in no time.
  • Because of the trauma my hubby and I went through with our 1st child, we decided to wait to have another baby.

adi surgery 1 surgery adi me surgery adi post op

December 2013

  • Infertility Journey Starts HERE. Finally started TTC (Trying to Conceive) baby number 2
  • Stopped BCP (Birth Control Bill)

Early March 2014 

  • I got my first BFP (Big Fat Positive Pregnancy Test).

Late May 2014

  • 1st Miscarriage – At 10 weeks I got my 1st Ultrasound and found out there was no baby in there.
  • I had a blighted ovum.
  • I had my 1st D&C the next day right before the Memorial Day holiday.
  • I was told it was just a fluke and to wait 3 cycles to get back to TTC (Trying to Conceive).

August 2014

  • Impatiently waited 3 months and started trying again.
  • BFP!!!!

September 2014

  • I switched OBGYN’s because my last Dr. wouldn’t see me until after 8 weeks.
  • New OB saw me right away checked my HCG every 48 hours. Everything was rising great!
  • 1st Ultrasound was way too early and saw only the sac.
  • Next one was at 5w5d and we saw a fetal pole and heartbeat.
  • 2nd Miscarriage – A week and a half later at nearly 8 weeks there was no heartbeat.
  • 2nd D&C done that week.
  • Asked my OB if I can see a specialist. He said because my AMA (Advanced Maternal Age) and because I had 2 consecutive miscarriage he would refer me to a RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist).

October 2014

  • I saw the RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist) and got 13 viles of blood taken and an ultrasound where they found a cyst and retained product of conception from my D&C.
  • My HCG bloodwork (Pregnancy hormone) was extremely high still so my body thought it was still pregnant!
  • My RE wanted to avoid another surgery so she had me try Cytotec which didn’t work, just caused me awful contractions and cramping. I took it twice and both times failed!
  • RE said my Vitamin D levels were low so I added D3 Supplements to my regiment

December 31st, 2014

  • Got an ultrasound which showed cyst went away.
  • Finally my HCG was 0 and I got my period after waiting 3 long months. The RE was hoping I would pass the retained product.

Jan 2015

  • I went in for my Day 3 bloodwork. AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) – Tells you approximately the quantity of your ovarian reserve / how many eggs you have left) and FSH (follicle Stimulating Hormone – high FSH can be a sign of poor egg quality and quantity) among a couple of others.
  • Several days later, I had my 1st SIS (Saline Infused Sonogram) An ultrasound that evaluates the Uterus, tubes and ovaries using Saline. Unfortunately, my retained product was still there. Ouch!!!
  • A few days later I had another D&C (3rd D&C) along with my 1st Hystorocscopy (A surgery that allows the doctor to look inside the uterus using a hyteroscope which is thin lighted tube with a camera inside). Right before I got my anesthesia my RE told me that my AMH blood work was extremely low and I had the same ovarian reserve as a 46 year old women and time was of the essence. This isn’t exactly what you want to hear before you are put under. All I have to say is Thank G-d for my additional cocktail they gave me before to calm my nerves! LOL!
  • Started taking more supplements – RE told me to start taking more supplements to try to improve my egg quality. CoQ10, D3, Melatonin and Pregnitude (Myo Inositol and Folate). I was already taking a prenatal, C, D3 and a probiotic.

February 2015

  • Started weekly Acupuncture $$$$
  • Got my period and 2nd SIS. All was clear! Yay! We were ready to start trying again.

Late March 2015

  • Got a BFP! I was extremely surprised after hearing about my DOR (Diminished Ovarian Reserve).

April 2015

  • HGC rose slowly, but at least 60%

May 2015

  • 1st Ultrasound at 6w showed a slow heartbeat of 105 and the baby was measuring 3 days behind.
  • The next one at 7w heartbeat only rose to 115 and baby barely grew and was measuring 5 days behind.
  • Miscarriage 3 – At 8.5w there was no heartbeat.
  • I had the D&C right before Mother’s Day.
  • Our RE wanted to test the baby to see what caused the miscarriage so she sent it to pathology.
  • We found out it was a baby girl with Trisomy 22! 🙁 This was heartbreaking for hubby and I)!

Late May 2015

  • We started talking to our RE about IVF.
  • Because of my Recurrent Miscarriages, we asked her about PGS (Preimplantation Genetic Screening- genetic testing on the embryo during IVF). Unfortunately, my RE didn’t recommend it because she didn’t think I would have enough embryo because the lack of eggs I would produce caused by diminished ovarian reserve. She recommended we just transfer 2 embryos to better our chances.
  • She decided to put me on a Mini IVF Stimulation so I wouldn’t overstimulate my ovaries. She said studies have proven traditional IVF was not good for women with DOR because many times it overstimulates them and they get very little eggs anyway which were poor quality. In her experience the Mini-stim the women still got the same number of eggs, but the quality of the eggs were better then when they did traditional IVF. Additionally, it was cheaper because less injections were involved in the mini-stim. Both hubby and I were on board and set a date to start in the summer.

Early July 2015 

  • FIRST IVF CYCLE I started BCP (Birth Control Pill).

Late July 2015

  • I started Clomid pills and ultrasounds for my follicles started.
  • Baseline showed 8 follies.

Early August 2015

  • After 5 days of Clomid, I started Follistim and Ganirelix injections. Every time I was monitered I only seemed to have a few follies that were growing.

Mid August 2015

  • Right before I triggered I only had 3 mature follies! 22, 22 and 18 if I remember correctly.
  • That day I came in I told my nurse I thought I was ovulating because I had EWCM (Egg White Cervical Mucus-an indication you are ovulating or close to it) and having cramps. Sorry for the TMI! She disregarded it and said that this could be a side effect of the injections.
  • They called me that night and told me to Trigger (A shot that induces ovulation usually given during IVF or infertility treatments).
  • I came in two days later for my Egg Retrieval with my lucky socks and all my other luck trinkets (I will talk about this in a post later) and was ready to make some babies….in a petri dish that is. LOL. Well, instead they told me they wanted to do an ultrasound. I wasn’t sure what the norm was so I went with the flow. The RE looked at the screen then looked at me and said, I’m sorry your follicles have collapsed. Ummm….What? Come again? Apparently, I had started ovulating and 2 out of the 3 follicles have already released and number 3 was in the process.
  • She said we could do one of two things. Convert it to an IUI or go home and have timed sex. Ughhhh!!! So no retrieval was done that day.
  • MY 1st IVF WAS CANCELLED!!!! So I was right. I knew I was ovulating. A women who has been TTC for as long as I have knows her body well. Anyways, we decided to convert it to an IUI.

Late August 2015

  • I got a squinter! Although it never got darker in fact got lighter.
  • Went in for Blood work and my HCG was only 3.
  • Chemical Pregnancy 4th Loss – My RE said I had a chemical pregnancy (A very early miscarriage – means the sperm fertilizes the egg, but later on the egg fails to survive). Usually caused by a chromosomal abnormality. Ugh!! Is this a joke? I got a positive test, got my hopes up and then now it’s gone.

Mid September 2015

  • Second IVF  Started Estrogen Priming

Late September 2015

  • Started 2nd round of Clomid pills. At baseline I had 12 follicles!!!!

Early/Mid October 2015

  • Started Follistim and Ganirelix injections. My follies were growing very very slow.
  • Instead of the normal 6 days of injections I had to take 10 days of injections which of course means more $$$$.
  • Only 2 follicles ended up maturing and were 18mm.
  • Since I ovulated last time, my RE didn’t want to push them since last time I ovulated so had me TRIGGER that day.
  • Two days later I went in for my Egg Retrieval and they wanted to scan me 1st. They saw that my 2 mature follies shrunk! How can this happen? I was beyond frustrated.
  • My RE recommended that we go home and have timed sex because my chances were the same as they would be with an IUI since my issue wasn’t getting pregnant, but staying pregnant. Ugh! So technically, we put all this money, effort into this again and are still trying naturally. The whole point was to get 2 embryos to transfer to increase our chances and trying at home didn’t increase our chances as much. The chances of both of those eggs to fertilize and implant on our own are slim to negative 0!
  • We went home did the deed 2 x and then I threw in the towel. I honestly didn’t want to do it anymore. No more timed sex, IVF, IUI, Ovulation tests. I was done. I told myself, if we get a full term baby naturally then great, but I didn’t want to do anything else at that point.

Late October 2015

  • We went on a cruise.
  • My RE said I would get my period the around the end of the month sometime. Either Sat, Sunday or Monday. We didn’t know the exact date since my cycle was messed up from IVF.
  • I decided to take a few pregnancy tests with me just in case even though I was convinced there was no way 2 timed sex sessions would do the trick.
  • Well, I never got my period so I decided to take a Pregnancy Test and low and behold….I got a BFP! I couldn’t believe it.
  • It wasn’t a squinter either. I didn’t want to get my hopes up too much so I took another one 48 hours later and this one was even darker. And then anther 48 hours after that. Every time it got significantly darker. I was pregnant!

Early November 2015

  • Came back from my cruise and took HCG.
  • It was over 1000! Great 1st number.
  • Slow Rise of 60% 48 hours later.
  • I was worried, but the next one 48 hours later rose over 80% which made my RE and I very happy.

Mid November 2015

  • I waited until 6.5w to do our 1st ultrasound and we saw a baby and had a strong heartbeat of 129!
  • This was amazing. That is the strongest heartbeat I have ever had besides with my son. My RE was cautiously optimistic.
  • 5th Miscarriage – A week later we came in and unfortunately the heartbeat stopped! How can this happen? I was convinced this was our rainbow baby. My heart sank and that was it, I threw in the towel and felt defeated.

Late November 2015

  • Took 2 rounds of cytotec which both failed.

Early December 2015

  • Had my 5th D&C. My heartache was bad this time. I think because I really felt like it was the end of the road for us because I felt like we failed. Like my body failed.
  • After much thought and many tears, I decided it doesn’t have to be the end of the road for us and we would try another cycle in Summer

January 2016

  • I got my period and HCG went down to 0.
  • Got my 3rd SIS which showed retained product!!! Again?!
  • So here we are again and now have to do another D&C (this will be my 6th one)!
  • I have decided to wait until my next period to see if it passes (my RE said that is very unlikely, but worth a shot) then do another SIS. If the retained product is still there I will have my D&C the same day as my SIS.
  • Actually, the RE said although this is very frustrating this is a blessing in disguise because we wouldn’t be able to get pregnant with our next cycle if we didn’t catch it. Praying there aren’t anymore bumps in the road. I swear I feel like I’m on a dirt road. Yes, it’s a bump in the road, but I am ok and I remind myself it can always be worse and that I am strong and everything will be ok. So….until then, I will put this aside and concentrate on the positive and look forward to my future baby.

bump in road