Infertility Brain – This Is Your Brain On Infertility!

I think there is something wrong with me. This Infertility crap is completely all consuming. So the other day I was scrolling through FaceBook and I saw a Ad that says “Looking for a child?” Ummm, Actually…….. YES I am!!! LMAO! I did a double take of the ad and realized it said, “Looking for child care?” Yep, there is really something wrong with me that I see that ad and my brain interprets that. No matter where I turn, there’s a baby or a pregnant woman. Or worse, a pregnant woman with a baby! It’s completely unavoidable! This is your brain on Infertility!  I call it Infertility Brain. Pregnant women get Pregnancy Brain and Infertile women get Infertility Brain! LOL! Continue reading “Infertility Brain – This Is Your Brain On Infertility!”